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San Giorgio Servizi S.r.l. has been involved in debt collection throughout Italy since 1973, mainly in the form of the recovery of assets (motorcycles, cars, tractors for road use, semi-trailers, instrumental assets and boats etc.).

Business basically takes place in two separate stages.The first stages, generally referred to as the "out-of-court stage", consists of obtaining payment of an amount due, both where the debtor specifically refuses to make payment and where the debtor is experiencing temporary difficulties in complying with this obligation.

By appointment of the leasing company, San Giorgio Servizi therefore makes an attempt to settle the problem amicably by drawing up a repayment plan that is accepted both by the creditor company and the client.

Clearly, as the company mainly deals with the recovery of assets, this first stage may also be solved through the client's returning the asset, a stage during which the close-knit network of qualified collaborators of San Giorgio is able to recover, transfer and return the vehicle directly.

If instead an agreement should be reached with the debtor, San Giorgio Servizi monitors the position over time, guaranteeing the debtor's compliance.

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